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Thermography is an innovative imaging modality which we believe has tremendous value in cancer imaging.

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Although thermography is not a cancer detection device and does not diagnose cancer, we have found that it can be a useful tool to monitor patients who already have a cancer diagnosis. Thermography, along with diagnostic imaging and lab testing, allows for multiple data points to assess response to treatment.

As stated by the FDA: “Thermography is intended for use as an adjunct to other clinical diagnostic procedures for quantifying and screening of differences in skin surface temperature changes.”

Thermography, also known as medical infrared imaging, is a non-invasive test which requires no contrast agents and avoids radiation exposure.

By measuring minute temperature changes in various locations of the body, thermography can alert us to potential abnormalities in the head, neck, chest, breasts, abdomen, pelvis, back, and extremities.

A thermographic exam must be done under the proper conditions, with correct positioning of the patient, using a highly accurate thermal imaging infrared camera. The images must then be interpreted by a qualified physician trained in thermal imaging.

Many clinics and “wellness centers” make critical errors in one or more of these steps, resulting in less than optimal findings.