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Lymphatic Therapy

The lymphatic system is a key factor in the overall health of the body. This system consists of a network of lymph channels and lymph nodes, and has several very important functions in the body.

How Lymphatic Therapy works

First, the lymphatic system plays a very key role in the immune system. Immune system cells are produced in the bone marrow, deep inside bones, and are released into the lymphatic system. When these immune cells arrive in the lymphatic system, they are capable but untrained. The lymphatic system serves as basic training for immune system cells, during which time they are educated as to what foreign invaders look like as well as what the body’s healthy cells look like. Once they have passed this basic training, these immune system cells are able to fight on the front lines and help protect the body against potentially harmful threats.

Second, the lymphatic system is central to the body’s detoxification efforts. Due to the many toxins which are present in the world today, the lymphatic system carries a larger burden than ever before. A healthy, properly functioning lymphatic system is essential in helping the body detoxify and eliminate waste products.

Third, the lymphatic system helps repair damaged cells while also delivering nutrients to them. This protects cells from further damage, allowing them to continue their functions in the body.

Why is Lymphatic Therapy Important?

The lymphatic system can become congested, which basically means that it becomes overwhelmed by a large burden of toxins and stressors. Lymphatic congestion can occur as a result of a wide variety of causes, including poor nutrition, sedentary lifestyle, and environmental exposures. When these causes accumulate in the body over time, diseases such as cancer can develop.

Lymphatic therapy, which is also sometimes referred to as lymphatic drainage therapy or assisted lymphatic therapy, is a non-invasive way to help the lymphatic system, and thus the body, function in a more optimal manner. Lymphatic therapy addresses lymphatic congestion by using a therapeutic device known as the XP2, which utilizes light and sound vibrations to help move lymph where it needs to go. We have found this treatment modality to be enjoyable for patients while also being quite beneficial.






What is Integrative Oncology?

There are many approaches to treating cancer. The Center for Advanced Medicine believes integrative oncology combines the best aspects of two seemingly contradictory branches of medicine.

Nutrition and Cancer

There are now many scientific studies that show nutrition does make a difference in cancer treatment and prevention. By practicing integrative oncology, we make room for the importance of nutrition in any cancer treatment plan.

Giving Back

Our founder and medical director, Dr. Jonathan Stegall, feels strongly that he has a responsibility, as a physician and a Christian, to give back. He not only wants to leave a legacy of hope and healing to his patients but also to the world around him.


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