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Our Patient Stories

Our patients’ feedback speaks volumes for The Center for Advanced Medicine. While we believe our integrative approach to cancer treatment can be life-changing, it’s those we are helping that truly speak from the heart.

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    David Hilton’s comments reflect much of what TCFAM believes.

    “The Center For Advanced Medicine (TCFAM) personifies the concept of Team. The entire staff works in harmonious relationship with both the patient and each other to maximize their service to the patient (and his/her family) and to ensure that each patient receives the very best possible care.”

    “We are beyond pleased with the medical options and care we received at The Center for Advanced Medicine! When a physician practices integrated medicine, they will likely use multiple medical disciplines to treat an illness. “

    “Every patient has his or her very own treatment plan because God made everyone one of us unique and different. This medical center identified the weaknesses of my cancer through upfront DNA and other analysis and then designed a tailored plan of attack.”

    “There is no way to adequately convey the love and care we received from every person on Dr. Stegall’s team. They are sincere, concerned, empathetic, intelligent, professional, caring, fun and great communicators. They treated us like family and became important as individuals that we fell in love with.”

    Here are some other patient testimonials:

    Jamie Williams
    My family and I consider it a blessing that we found this center. We really wrestled with our options of traditional versus alternative treatment. Finding our an integrative approach existed, that combined the best of traditional and alternative, really appealed to us. The fact that the staff is so wonderful and you have regular meetings with Doctor Stegall is a bonus. I feel like a human and not a number. They take serious the DO NO HARM allegiance and cared for me in a very personal way. So grateful!

    Terri Healey
    When I first walked into this bright cheery upbeat office, I knew that I had arrived at the perfect treatment facility for my needs. Dr. Stegall and his wonderful staff looked at me as the whole person that I am and the numerous treatments addressed my specific individual requirements. Now that I am leaving after 4 weeks, I feel at ease with where I am and look forward to continued progress over the next few months. I am part of this amazing family of medical practitioners that truly care about their patients every day! I am blessed and very grateful. Live is so good!

    Robert S. Long
    I recommend this center for those looking to be healed from this aggressive disease. I went there for treatment and when I got there I was struggling emotionally and physically with this disease and my wife really was having a hard time dealing with this. The Center for Advanced Medicine staff opened their arms, hearts, and professional care up to us and today when we finished 6 weeks of care, we walked out of there with an entire new outlook on getting this cancer behind us. God’s presence and guidance pulled us through and He worked through every member of the staff in all aspects in every way. Five star and no less. Thanks to all!

    Ghiday K. Habtezion
    Oh impossible. Too many positive things to say. We just love you, Doctor Stegall. Your staff are a reflection of your beautiful personality. From front desk to nurses, what a beautiful blend like a bouquet of flowers with all inner beauty. I am in tears to write this. 18 years of journey with no positivety. We found positive loving caring all in here. May Jehovah God keep blessing you and family. In life or the world we living in we can only try all our best to extend happily our life even facing disease and you made us all happy to do so. We love you.

    Bonnita Clodfelter
    Dr. Stegall and his staff are very knowledgeable in their treatment program and also very caring and supportive of their patients. They utilize your time there efficiently and on schedule. The personal atmosphere between the patients and staff is very positive and uplifting. I feel blessed to have this group helping me on my healing journey.