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Caris Molecular Intelligence

As a result of the genetic research which has been occurring the past several decades, we are able to identify specific abnormalities present in each patient’s cancer. Each cancer case is unique, prompting the saying “no two cancers are alike.”

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    At The Center for Advanced Medicine, we believe that cancer treatment should be as personalized as possible. Why guess, when we can test?!?

    The Caris Molecular Intelligence test is very innovative, in that it analyzes a patient’s tissue for specific genetic alterations. A surgical or biopsy specimen is obtained from the pathology lab by Caris, and an in-depth analysis is performed to evaluate the presence and activity level of hundreds of genes. Mutations are identified, and these mutations are used to guide treatment decisions.

    We really like this test because it is backed by excellent, up-to-date research. It is one of our favorite tools used in treatment planning.