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How to Fund your Cancer Treatment

The most common questions we receive at The Center for Advanced Medicine are about funding cancer treatments. Traditional insurance policies may not cover the cost of integrative cancer treatments. However, there are options to help ensure that everyday financial responsibilities do not become overwhelming.

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Freely Funded

Take the guesswork out of fundraising. Freely Funded provides strategy, insights, and practical steps to overcome medical debt, reduce the stress, and heal on your terms.

Health Share Networks

Health-sharing ministries are a group of like-minded individuals that help each other pay medical expenses. Examples include:


GoFundMe is an example of raising funds through networking and crowdfunding. Others seek out foundations or grants for treatments.

Home Mortgage

For those owning a home, taking a home mortgage seems to be a significant way to obtain funds to pay for treatments.

Viatical Settlements

Viatical settlements involve the sale of your life insurance policy once you become chronically or terminally ill.


Zero percent or low-interest credit cards and companies that specialize in providing loans for healthcare.