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Adrenal Profile

Adrenal Profile

We know that the adrenal glands, which sit on top of the kidneys, are a key player in the body’s stress response. Cortisol is the body’s main stress response hormone, is made in the adrenal glands. Aside from playing a role in the body’s “fight or flight” response, cortisol is also involved in helping control blood sugar levels, reducing inflammation, and regulating metabolism.

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In today’s stressed-out society, cortisol is released far more often, and in much greater amounts, than it should be. This results in unhealthy stress on the adrenal glands, which can affect energy levels, immune system function, and hormonal balance. Blood testing for cortisol does not allow us to detect small fluctuations in cortisol levels, but saliva testing does.

The adrenal test we use is a four-point salivary cortisol, which involves collecting saliva four times throughout the day. Not surprisingly, we frequently see abnormal levels in our office, indicating that there is some degree of adrenal stress. It is important to correct this adrenal imbalance so that the body can function as it is supposed to, and focus as much as possible on fighting cancer.