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Sound Therapy

The Science of Sound

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It might seem far-fetched to think that something as simple as sound can be used to achieve health benefits, but there are many examples of sound technology used in medicine. We tend to think of sound as noises we hear in everyday life, but sound encompasses a wide range of both audible and inaudible frequencies. Ultrasound, for example, uses sound waves to detect and form images inside the body. As we all know, ultrasound is one of the main imaging modalities used today. However, sound isn’t just for diagnosis. We can also use it therapeutically to exert a wide variety of responses in the body.

Healing Through Music

One of the simplest ways to use sound as a therapeutic tool is through music. Research has shown that our bodies are exquisitely made to respond to sound. Hearing is the first of the five senses to develop in our mother’s womb, and perhaps the last to leave when we die. We all know the feeling we get when we hear music we like. However, the power of music is not restricted to what goes into our ears and into our brains. Studies have shown that the sound frequencies from music actually flow throughout the body. Not surprisingly, music therapy can be used to reduce stress, anxiety, and pain.

In our office, we use music therapy every day. The music we play in the background is not only intended to create a warm environment, but also to use sound as a therapeutic tool.

Cyma Therapy

Cyma is a non-invasive FDA Class 1 Device for acoustic massage. It gets its name from the Greek word meaning “wave.” The Cyma equipment distributes sound waves through the feet, using acupuncture meridians. These sound waves are used to improve energy flow throughout the body, thereby reducing inflammation.

Thermography scans taken before and after Cyma Therapy sessions show a significant reduction in inflammation. Although Cyma is not intended to treat or cure any disease, the fact that inflammation is reduced can only help when we are fighting an inflammatory disease such as cancer.

Using Sound Therapy as a Cancer Treatment

We can take our use of sound a step further, and use therapeutic ultrasound as a cancer treatment tool. Therapeutic ultrasound is used in conventional medicine to destroy kidney stones, but studies have consistently shown that specific sound frequencies kill cancer cells as well. Ultrasound travels deep beneath the skin, with essentially no damage to healthy cells, giving us a tool which deserves a lot more attention in the scientific community.