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Infrared Sauna

The idea of raising the body temperature to combat disease is not a new one. Sweat baths, saunas, and even spending time in the summer heat have been used throughout history, with the thought being that the heat and the resulting perspiration flushes out toxins. Saunas, in general, provide several health benefits which are of interest to us in treating cancer:

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  • Assists in detoxification (removal and elimination of toxins and heavy metals);
  • Increases oxygenation;
  • Improves immune system function;
  • In addition, heat has been shown in lab studies to kill cancer cells.

Infrared saunas provide these same effects, but by using the infrared spectrum of light – and more specifically, the far infrared spectrum – we believe that the anti-cancer effect is even more pronounced. Studies of far infrared therapy on both cell lines as well as animals have noted a pronounced reduction in tumor volume without any evident side effects.

As with many alternative therapies, we desire more research on human subjects. However, we feel that the potential benefits of far infrared sauna treatments warrant their inclusion in our protocols.